engeneeringDesign of the fiber optic cable plant requires coordinating with other personnel who is involved in the network in any way, including IT departments,  architects, industrial system designers  and engineers, non-technical management, etc. to ensure all cabling requirements are considered and share resources at one time.

Phoenix Nyc Inc. (“PNI”) has the engineering and industry experience to provide you with comprehensive, single-source solutions and accurate design for your outside plant network needs. Our full-service engineering teamwill complete the task from installation mapping or planning of your new build or rebuild system up to site and field engineering. We will give you accurate representation of cable and electronics in the field. If fiber design or layout of OSP (Outside Plant) telecommunications network is needed, or the full design documentation and matrix creation of completed projects, PNI has your solution.Our CAD Services include MDU layout and path fiber optic routing, fiber fan-outs and amp schematics.Design Services consist of fiber optic and detailed design.

PNI uses our own drafts people, designers and OSP Design Engineers. This gives you the confidence that when your job comes to ECC, it stays here. No job is too big or too small. Whether your job is ten miles or five thousand miles, all work is guaranteed to meet expected project timelines. You’ll be sure that all important components for system operation are in accordance with in line in your specifications and guidelines.

The combination of our experienced and skilledworkforce makePhoenix Nyc Inc., a uniquely capable partner in any network and telecommunications project.