EngineeringAt Phoenix Nyc, Inc.,(“PNI”) we offer complete line of connectivity products for your network needs.
We believed that quality installation and cable performance starts with quality engineering. With PNI’s experience in engineering, installing and furnishing (EF&I) communication networks, customers are provided the ideal mapping and draft for their installation project. Our team of engineers and designers are expert and knowledgeable in their field, offering an array of knowledge and ideas on every task with an emphasis on quality, timeliness and proficiency.
Whether it’s inside or outside plant, PNI offers a complete range of engineering services for locations across the New York City for your network needs. With AFL’s premier engineering and design services, we provide an easy system implementation so that we can give you solutions that includes necessary materials, installation, testing and turn up.
From redlines and surveys to ROWs and permit acquisitions, PNI is the perfect source for all of your engineering needs. As your telco and service provider, our engineering services encompasses the following for central offices or data centers:
• Design – aka Engineering Design Process (EDP). This is a methodical step engineer’s follow on how to come up with a solution to solve a problem and meet certain criteria. It may involve designing a product and other functional processes.

• Configuration of wire-line or wireless network
• Develop Bill of materials – also known as product structure or product definition. It contains list of engineering parts, components and other materials. It is necessary in product development because it is a process wherein your product design becomes a reality.
• Validation and verification capabilities – this is part of the requirements and specifications of operations that must be met. Also part of the systems engineering life wherein the process performed is validated and verified.

We offer complete Installation and end-to-end validation testing of all copper and fiber data cables.