A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. With a flexible cabling infrastructure, a structured cabling system can support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.
Whether installing new cable, or troubleshooting existing cable, cable testing plays an important role in the process. Common tests for phoenixnycinc cabling include length, wiremap, attenuation, NEXT, DC loop resistance, and return loss. Certification instruments are the only tools that provide “Pass” or “Fail” information in accordance with industry standards. In North America, the prevalent industry standards organization dealing with the transmission capabilities of structured cabling is the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). In international markets, the Electro-technical commission of the International Organization for Standards (ISO/IEC) creates and maintains standards for telecommunication cabling.

Certification test tools determine whether a link is compliant with a category (TIA) or class (ISO); for example, category 6 or class E. These standards are independent of specific network technologies. This makes them more “future proof” because new network technologies can emerge that base their designs on these standards and would therefore be supported by the certified installed cabling.
Our equipments are tested for how many years. Even in Solutions from PCS. Cat 5E or Cat 6 solutions, Fiber Optic, Low Voltage
The fiber cabling pathway and administration in the server farm ought to be given by a committed pipe framework. This gives a sheltered and defensive technique for directing and putting away optical fiber patchcords, ponytails, and riser links among fiber dissemination outlines, boards, graft cupboards, and end gear. Fiber conveys distinctive anxiety and curve sweep prerequisites than copper because of the way that it conveys light instead of electrical signs. Arranging is required to guarantee that legitimate space remittances are given.