cable-furnishPhoenix Nyc a cable contractor servicing the NY Area and specializes in complete data cabling, furnishing, installation, repair and maintenance are just some of the services provided by Phoenix Nyc Inc.
We know how important a high percentage of network uptime for organizations are, especially in today’s global economy. That’s why at PNI, we will help solve your cabling systems challenges and achieve maximum uptime and your network secure, reliable and fast response time.
PNI’s highly trained professionals are capable of delivering all your cabling system tailored to your needs.Plus they will perform quality audits and series of testing procedures on every project assigned.We provide reports and documentation on the solutions that we provide for any installation, furnish or repair. And present it to you in your own format or that suits your requirements.
We have a strong commitment to providing quality communications and IT solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations every time. You can depend on us to do the project right the first time. Phoenix Nyc Inc. takes pride on the relationships we’ve created with our clients. Our team are always willing to work with you with an open mind when considering the requirements of your business.
Services include:
• Test and turn-up — Operational and functional testing. We provide full system commissioning in production mode.
• Documentation and Material validation – contains detailed breakdown of information on about the cable paths, rack elevations and other items.
• Staging and integration – ensure services are launching smoothly that is no components or cables are wrong
• Inventory tracking – consolidate and coordinate all ordered products and to honestly quote and perform requests.
If you need to furnish cables in an efficient, cost effective and innovative manner, we are your complete service provider. We used our technical capabilities to ensure success every time.
We look forward to adding you to our family.