maintenanceFiber optic network need not be inspected periodically but once installed, it actually requires a very little preventive maintenance. Fiber optic cables show some areas of stress after being installed therefore, fixes should be made in the affected cables area and thus requires inspection and maintenance.

Phoenix Nyc Inc. have monitoring systems and equipment that are a reliable indicator of network or data transmission problems. Along with our team of high level experts, you’re sure that fiber optic systems maintenance will be handled effectively and checked properly.

Maintenance inspection for Telco’s and companies that have outside plant cables are especially important to check problems like sealing, filtration or air conditioning and other factors on your network.

Maintenanceshould be done in compliance with codes and standards because there are specifications that needs to be meet and factors to be considered in order to ensure cables are working properly. Moreover, fiber optic cables requirescareful physical inspection and not just by unauthorized, clumsy or unskilled personnel. This is an important consideration because it can significantly affect data transfer on the network. Therefore, to ensure reliability and to be certain, right operations and knowledgeable personnel are needed in order for your plant to be protected and causes problems.

We at Phoenix Nyc Inc. carefully inspect and maintain until every connector, receptacle and ports are perfectly clean and free from dust and other stresses that caused the cables to wear out. Remember, only authorized personnel are need to access the cabling systems.